Terms and Conditions


  • Our prices INCLUDE VAT.
  • We require a non-refundable deposit of 30% on receipt of skins/skulls prior to any work commencing.
  • Deposits must be received within 21 days of acceptance of the skins/skulls. Failure to do so will be deemed that our services are no longer needed.
  • Payment will confirm your acceptance of our services as per the acceptance note.
  • Full payment is required within 14 days of notice of completion of skins/skulls. No skins/skulls will be released without full payment.
  • Skins/skulls not collected within 12 weeks (3 months) from the date of notification will be sold to defray expenses.
  • All goods remain the property of Skhumba Skins until the full payment is received.
  • We are not responsible for any defect which may occur as a result of poor field preparation. Guidelines on field preparation are on our web site.
  • Skhumba Skins accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage, actual or consequential due to fire, theft, force entry or negligence by our staff or by a third party or for any damages due to bacterial contamination or any other causes.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


All deposits are non-refundable. All skins or other products bought off our websites are non-refundable as they are biological products. 


Deposits must be received within 21 days. Failure to do so will result in our services being terminated. The client will then be requested to reclaim their own goods. Failure to do so within 3 months, the goods will be retained by Skhumba Skins for stock.


  • Costs: The cost of each contract will be communicated with each client at the time of receiving skins/skulls. The client will then be requested to reclaim his skins/skulls.
  • Communication: All communication will be done via email/WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Delivery/Shipping Charges: Delivery/Shipping charges will differ depending on a variety of factors, for example the size, weight etc. All delivery/shipping costs will be quoted on an individual basis on completion of skins/skulls. Shipping costs are payable by the client directly to the Freight Agent. 


  • Delivery Period on average is between 8-12 weeks from deposit. Delivery can be sooner or later than this, depending on work flow and the type of skin/skull. Variables such as complexity of the mounting/tanning or delayed client instructions can affect delivery time.
  • Skins/skulls will only be released once full payment is received for all services.
  • Clients are responsible for direct payment to the Freight Agent..
  • Consignment will not be released by Skhumba Skins until all costs are paid.


This website is hosted, controlled and operated from the Republic of South Africa and therefore governed by South African law.


We respect your privacy and will not disclose your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes if you have requested us not to do so (which you are able to do at any time).


Any person that delivers or attempts to deliver any damaging code to this Website or attempts to gain unauthorized access to any page on this Website shall be prosecuted and civil damages shall be claimed in the event that Skhumba Skins suffers any damage or loss.

You allow Skhumba Skins to take all reasonable steps to ensure the integrity of security of the Website and back-office applications.


When you visit the Website or send emails to Skhumba Skins, you consent to receiving communications from Skhumba Skins electronically and agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications sent by Skhumba Skins, satisfy any legal requirements.



  • Value Added Tax: Value added tax at a rate of 14% is charged on goods bought by South African residents.


  • Price lists are available on the website.
  • Prices are as per quotation and are individually communicated in accordance with the client’s requirements.
  • All payments made in foreign currency will be converted to ZAR once the funds are transferred into Skhumba Skins bank account.


  • Your payment for any service will be made to Skhumba Skins bank account.
  • Payments should be made in ZAR as per the invoice.

Payment of Services can be made via the following methods:

  1. Credit card payments

We do accept credit cards.  However, we will only release the goods once the payment reflects in the Skhumba Skins bank account.

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer

If you selected to pay via this method, instructions will be given on how to deposit monies into Skhumba Skins bank account and it would be subject to following rules:

  • The exact amount must be paid
  • The payment must be identified by supplying the acceptance note number and surname in the reference section of the deposit slip or on the electronic transfer.
  1. Bank Wire Transfer

If you select to pay via this method, instructions will be given on how to deposit monies into Skhumba Skin’s bank account.