Kwa Skhumba – Hair-on-Tanning

Hair on tanning is a process whereby the hide / skin is tanned whilst the hair remains intact.  We have been doing hair-on-tanning of skins and hides since 1987 and do tanning on Zebra, kudu, Blue and black Wildebeest, impala, blesbuck, giraffe, fallowdeer and much more.

The process usually takes three weeks as it is a complex, time consuming procedure to ensure your hide gets to you in the best possible condition.  We do meticulous and careful shaving of the the skins to remove flesh and extra fat off the skins. We advise our clients six to eight weeks.

Our challenge is first and foremost to ensure above all that you get a quality hide / skin back in time. If the hide was treated properly when it was skinned then the skin will come back to you in good condition. We have done in depth research into hairloss and how to lessen the effect of not salting properly in the tannery and we do our utmost to keep the hair on the skin.  However, the process is subject to many variables, some of them completely outside of our control and hairloss sometimes does occur.

If the skin has hairloss that we cannot avoid then we offer the customer the leather option. We take the hair off the skin and dye it brown. This can be done to any of the skins.

Our factory is situated just outside of Pietermaritzburg in Kwazulu- Natal in South Africa and we pride ourselves on our expertise and quality of service.  If you want to find a reliable and experienced hair-on-tanning expert then you have to look no further.