About Us

Kwa Skhumba was originally started many years ago by Hans Aldt and it has been through various owners since then.

I, Liz Hesom am the Owner/manager of Kwa Skhumba.  Myself and Ted are the owners, and have been since 2007.  We tan everything including Zebra, Lion, Kudu, Blue and Black Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbuck,  Fallowdeer etc.

When we started out, all the shaving of the animal skins was done by rotary shaving machines and hand held spoke shavers. We used to do static tanning and have now changed to drum tanning which has dramatically improved our product. We purchased a mechanical shaving machine which has helped in more ways than one – the skins are now uniformly shaved all the time.

I am confident that the quality and service going forward will be of the best for you the customer and first and foremost I will ensure that the customer gets his own skin back that they sent to us. We will tan it to the best of our ability. If the raw hide is treated and salted properly when it was skinned, then the end product will be of excellent quality.

As an extra added service – if the skin does have hair loss then we do offer the customer the leather option where we take the hair off the skin and dye it light brown, dark brown or black. This can be done to any of the skins including Zebra, Lion, Kudu, Blue and black Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbuck, Fallowdeer etc.

We are situated 10km outside Pietermaritzburg on the Greytown Road.