Hide Preparation


1. As soon as possible , after your Animal has died , take it to a cool place to be processed. A large tree will do. Do
not drag it, as this will tear hair from the skin and will show up when tanned. Carry or use a tarpaulin to drag it t
the spot.
2. Skin the animal with a sharp knife being really careful not to cut the skin. Remove all excess meat and FAT.
3. Salt the skin using a fine, unoidised salt which is best but coarse salt can also be used (For best results mix 1 cu
Boric Acid to 50kg Salt to help kill bacteria). Cover the skin liberally rubbing the salt into the skin. The amount
of salt used is normally the same as weight of the skin. The best place to do this is in a dry, cool place not a dam
salt room. Remember ventilation is important!
4. If you cannot get the hide to salt quickly then take a bucket and mix together the following: 10L water ,2kg salt
and 150ml Dettol or Savlon(this will disinfect the skin). Put the skin into this solution until you can salt it
5. Take extra care with Zebra – cut into the fat at the neck and make sure salt is liberally rubbed into that area.
6. Let it dry properly in the shade and under cover or take it to your nearest tannery.

1. Always use a sharp, clean knife.
2. Always wash blood off skins before salting preferably with a Dettol solution.
3. Skin and salt ASAP – within 4 hours to be safe.
4. Store skin somewhere dry & safe. Rats, mice, dogs etc like eating this tasty treat.
5. If storing for a long period, a suitable pesticide should be used to prevent bug infestation – everdeath and
bexadust is suitable.
6. Remove all excess meat and fat. Salt cannot penetrate fat.
7. It is advisable to get your skin to your tannery as soon as possible.
8. When you have a lot of skins then salt well & stack on top of each other until they can be dried.
9. You can put skins in a heavily salted brine and solution until you can salt them properly – disinfectant solution
can be added to the brine mixture. The salt is normally 300g per litre of water.
10. Add 1 cup Boric Acid to your salt to help kill bacteria especially if you have weak salt.

1. Never place salted, wet skins in plastic bags in a hot environment.
2. Never leave salted skins in the sun or where dogs or predators can get them.
3. Never use rock salt or old salt.
4. Don’t salt and freeze skins. These are unpredictable when tanned.
5. Don’t leave skins unsalted.
6. Don’t drag trophies on the ground
7. Don’t use blunt knives